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XXXX1234 Spam Adventures 4 in process.

2017-05-19 16:09:16 by juanford66

well... someone remeber that old and hilarious spam series i did back on 2012-14?, the thing is... that ibe re-watched it some months ago and... dud that was good, shame that it wasnt finished, wait, you know what? why not?, so ibe decided to end it, i really want to finish this, so ibe more or less planned the plot for the Ep4 and Ep5!, yeah 2 episodies ;)

so i need some good animators to make it possible, if you are interested let me know doing a comment on the post or just pm me to let me know!; a test to see your skills helps, but if you are a known animator it wont be necesary.

about the current progress of the movie, well not much:

  • INTRO(Dudingdarn) [DONE]
  • Scene 1-(me) [DONE]
  • Scene 2-(Gibb50) [in progress]
  • Scene 3-
  • Scene 4-
  • Scene 5-
  • Scene 6-
  • Scene 7-
  • Scene 8-
  • Scene 9-
  • Scene 10-
  • Scene 11-
  • Scene 12-

Animators list:

  1. Juanford66(me)
  2. Dudingdarn
  3. Gibb50
  4. kRyy
  5. 0Rockluki0
  6. ZaracaM
  7. Jackson-Siegel


more collabs + Beaconfication 3 stopped

2017-05-02 15:01:06 by juanford66

last weeks ibe decided to join on 2 collabs, Spaderz´s and Djjaner's collabs, so that means that Mandess Beaconfication 3 progress will be stoped for like 1 month or something, and im thinking to maybe delay the release date util Madness Day 2017, so yeah, current animations progress:

  1. Madness Beaconfication 3-> 1600 frames.
  2. Madness Gorefication-> 1/2 clips 
  3. Ryder Revenge Collab-> 0/1 clips

i think thats all, not much more to say, so see ya later in another post.

also, ibe made a new test.

1k frames

2017-04-09 07:46:59 by juanford66

another post, so time to get you updated about my movie progress, has the tittle of the post says, ibe reached the 1000 frames of progress on Beaconfication 3(about 30-40% of the movie done), so i guess the progress is a bit slow but good, im happy if it get finished before MD.

Also me and some person are thinking on a small collab or collaborative animation, i cant say too much but could be released around that dates too.

W10 Creators Update comming in a few days, i have fear that some programs like my flash 8 can be broken cuz this update(since its a program that didnt got updated in ages), maybe not, maybe yes.... lest see what happen :\.

Beaconfication 3 preview

2017-03-12 08:17:01 by juanford66

i have almost finished the first scene of my current movie, about 700 frames done, i dont do this much but here is a little preview of the movie, is the progress i have done so far,i hope have the movie finished for this summer  and could be my next release, or not, who knows ;).

Beaconfication 3 in progress.

2017-03-01 07:04:07 by juanford66

Afther finish my part for Hallucination 3 and SpeedRage 2, ibe decided to start my next solo project wich will be the 3rd part of Madness Beaconfication, all i can say is that i have done the first 300 frames of the movie done and it will have 2 protagonist, so probably will be a bit harder to make, try to be more or less creative and how will they interact each other, but i hope have it finished for this summer, probably a bit before MD.

Oh and probably later ill show a pic how will look my character, sorry if its awful, im not good at all making my own sprites :T.

Thats all for now.

Update post, i guess.

2017-01-28 15:25:18 by juanford66

not much happened, only maked this post to let you know what im working on right now; still with the Hallucination 3 clip, yeah still not finished but is a huge clip, i have around 1700 frames done and sould be around 90% finished. afther that what comes? dunno, i feel a bit bored and with low motivation to animate since like a week, but i guess ill post some test and around next month start with Beaconfication 3.

Thats all, if someone is interested.

also ibe made a test.

and another one.

2017 its here!

2017-01-01 08:20:55 by juanford66

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!, we leave behind another year(2016) that personally for me was good irl, and quite decent on animation too, here it is all my 2016 contributions:

  1. Madness Hallucination 2
  2. Madness Beaconfication 2
  3. Madness Extermination Collab 5
  4. DJ Madness
  5. Incident:x4ms

hope you all enjoyed it!, also now its time to look for all this next 12 months that i hope will be even better ;).

  • Madness Beaconfication 0
  • Madness Beaconfication 3
  • and some collab contributions 
  • ????

so, how was your 2016 and what do you expect for this new year uh? :)

Merry Madness Christmas!

2016-12-24 08:03:40 by juanford66

again, this time of the year arrives, one of my favorite moments mostly for be all the family together, i hope you are enjoying it too :D!, also, for first time ibe made a Madness Christmas Movie for you ;).

go watch it and tell me what you think, i hope u like it ^^.

nothing more to say, except that ibe started to work on the next project and for my first Hallucination 3 collab clip.


its Flash content dying?

2016-12-12 13:36:51 by juanford66

First of all, i have bad news about it, some you will know others no, Chrome will stop to suport and probably block Flash content on February 2017; what this means? that if we will want to still use flash on chrome, we will must install it manually or use another browser that will still to suport it.

the thing is... im worried about this site, cuz is a Flash portal, i dont really know what will happen with these flash submisions, movies & games, will die? there will be another option to still to be watched?, i dont really know what will do Newgrounds with this problem.

i dont really know but, HTML5 i think it can run .swf files(produced by flash programs), so maybe that could be an option, and maybe only maybe these Flash movies & games can still alive. 

other option can be pass it to other format, but it seems a lot of work, and, personally i only have the files of my submisions from 2014 to now, dont know what will happen with all my 2012-2013 animations. and not only my clase, im sure that a lot of people have this problem too; so, we only must wait and see what happens in the next 2 months.


PD: im finishing my christmas movie so, it can be released pretty soon, in 1-2 weeks ;).

1 month util christmas.

2016-11-23 15:15:17 by juanford66

4-5 weeks to finish the animation, for now im going well, 4th scene almost done, around 1600 frames and the 70% of the project done, not much more except that this comming weeks ill be with exams so i hope can have time to finish this thing at time; ibe only did this post to stay you updated about how things are goin, so... hows all goin?