Entry #164

Madness Day is comming + Post Card.

2017-09-13 14:42:08 by juanford66

so yeah, again, another year more, hopping to see what the people have for this year and hopping will be a good one. Beaconfication 3 is near to reach the 3k frames, but wont be ready for MD sadly. 

and what i have for this year? well, im in 2 collabs, Hallucination 2.5, and Gorefication.

oh yeah, and i guess ill do the Postcard has always, so if someone is interested to be on it, tell me about it and send me your character sprites if you are interested to be on it ;).

thats all, see you all in Madness Day!


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2017-09-13 14:56:33

I'll pm you mine

juanford66 responds:

oh good.


2017-09-13 15:24:48

Can i be on the poster?

If you don´t have my sprites i´ll give them to you via discord. ;3

juanford66 responds:

i think i dont have the sprites, so yeah you can pass me the sprites.


2017-09-13 15:49:24

I'll send mine over


2017-09-13 16:09:40

Do you still have my sprites?
If so may I be in the postcard?

juanford66 responds:

i have the ones you sent me on 2013, dunno if you made any change since then.


2017-09-13 19:14:45

I haven't made any changes since I can't draw :/

juanford66 responds:

Oh ok.


2017-09-13 20:03:30

**raises hand**
even though im technically Dead now
(I still make sprites tho)

juanford66 responds:

Hehe, ok.


2017-09-13 21:30:44

meeee, link on the descripcion (my profile) hablo prety bonito ingles haha


2017-09-13 22:25:31

I want to! Should I give you my character?

(Updated ) juanford66 responds:

Ill go check, if i dont have It ill let you know.


2017-09-14 01:58:20

>Being dead in community
>still trying to be in postcards
gg @Zapchon


2017-09-14 05:29:57

Since when was I dead in the community?


2017-09-15 21:09:41

Hey i'm fairly new to the madness community and I was wondering if I could be a part of the postcard.
IDK if you need like conformation on how much of an animator they are so...
My Character
Hope you respond, thankyou! :3

juanford66 responds:



2017-09-19 20:45:14

I have a upgraded OC I just made week ago and I am interested in postcard I'll PM you for it.

juanford66 responds: