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2017-07-21 16:54:11 by juanford66

first time ibe opened the file in like 2 months and a half since i was busy with 3 collabs: Ryder Revenge, SpeedRage 3 and Gorefication; yeah this seems a year of a lot of collabs cuz im on Hallucination 2.5 too. but ibe finally finished all these clips so i can continue with Beaconfication 3, in the next months i should work only on this movie and xxxx1234 spam ep4 and maybe a madness version of the Dance till Youre Dead meme. for now, here is a screenshot of the current scene im working on.



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2017-07-21 18:17:41



2017-07-22 01:36:28

The perspective is wrong with the remote. reverse it might resolve the problem

juanford66 responds:

oh yeah true, thanks.


2017-07-28 09:25:33

juanford66 responded to your review.

XXXX1234 SPAM adventure by juanford66
this is my first spam animation so, its bad?
(Ages 17+)
5 minutes ago
oh my god... how retarted was this... author kys
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juanford66 responds:
that was the point of the animation, stupid or bizarre, lazy(but smooth)animation and humor.

i understend what is spam but this is cancer, true spam is much better
but ur beaconofication is good, btw i love beacon so much too

(Updated ) juanford66 responds:

if you think so, nobody needs to like my spam series and thanks, glad u like beaconfication.