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im on YouTube too!

2017-07-12 08:37:14 by juanford66

well, since ibe started to use Swivel to convert the .swf files into video ones i had the idea to upload some of my old, not so old, lastest collab clips(once the collab is released) and my solo movies to YouTube too for my own so now the people would be able to see it not only on Newgrounds; it isnt a big deal but... 

has i said, i dont have big plans for the channel, only upload collab clips, long test and my solo movies, but if you are interested you always can give it at look(if you follow me since long time wont be nothing has you never seen)

PD: still working on collab clips, Ryder Revenge clip is already done, also ibe participated on the Speed Rage Collab 3 wich is already out ;), aaaaand, for Spaderz's Gorefication collab im currently doing my 2nd and last clip. so Beaconfication 3 should back to work on it on August or if my lazyness let me at the end of this month.


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2017-07-12 08:52:44

Will you do the giftcard giveaways?

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2017-07-12 09:07:59

I subscribed to your channel,I gave a like and turned the notifications on

juanford66 responds:

xD ok thanks


2017-07-12 09:12:45


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2017-07-12 09:44:55


juanford66 responds:

thanks :)