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XXXX1234 Spam Adventures 4 in process.

2017-05-19 16:09:16 by juanford66

well... someone remeber that old and hilarious spam series i did back on 2012-14?, the thing is... that ibe re-watched it some months ago and... dud that was good, shame that it wasnt finished, wait, you know what? why not?, so ibe decided to end it, i really want to finish this, so ibe more or less planned the plot for the Ep4 and Ep5!, yeah 2 episodies ;)

so i need some good animators to make it possible, if you are interested let me know doing a comment on the post or just pm me to let me know!; a test to see your skills helps, but if you are a known animator it wont be necesary.

about the current progress of the movie, well not much:

  • INTRO(Dudingdarn) [DONE]
  • Scene 1-(me) [DONE]
  • Scene 2-(Gibb50) [in progress]
  • Scene 3-
  • Scene 4-
  • Scene 5-
  • Scene 6-
  • Scene 7-
  • Scene 8-
  • Scene 9-
  • Scene 10-
  • Scene 11-
  • Scene 12-

Animators list:

  1. Juanford66(me)
  2. Dudingdarn
  3. Gibb50
  4. kRyy
  5. 0Rockluki0
  6. ZaracaM
  7. Jackson-Siegel



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2017-05-19 16:26:44



2017-05-19 17:10:38

is there some way to join?


2017-05-20 01:51:47

i can join?

juanford66 responds:

not bad


2017-05-20 09:31:03

tal vez yo pueda entrar? ni idea xd

(Updated ) juanford66 responds:

ah quien sabe xD, si gibb falla que es muy probable igual


2017-05-20 14:58:42

My name chef.

juanford66 responds:

my name is jeff


2017-06-17 14:44:26

Dude ._.

Im making co-op spam on christmas

xd goodie luckie

juanford66 responds: