Entry #158

more collabs + Beaconfication 3 stopped

2017-05-02 15:01:06 by juanford66

last weeks ibe decided to join on 2 collabs, Spaderz´s and Djjaner's collabs, so that means that Mandess Beaconfication 3 progress will be stoped for like 1 month or something, and im thinking to maybe delay the release date util Madness Day 2017, so yeah, current animations progress:

  1. Madness Beaconfication 3-> 1600 frames.
  2. Madness Gorefication-> 1/2 clips 
  3. Ryder Revenge Collab-> 0/1 clips

i think thats all, not much more to say, so see ya later in another post.

also, ibe made a new test.


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2017-05-10 07:07:23

NO1C3 T32T 0MG!!!!


2017-05-12 14:51:25

Pretty good test. Pistols should just move back a bit more when being fired.

juanford66 responds: