New spam series becomes!!!

2014-05-11 07:44:34 by juanford66

so here is my new spam movie.

this will be a new spam series ill do for this year, will have like 3 parts, and i hope make the comming parts with more people like on xxxx1234 and epic randomes series. now go watch it, and vote 5 <333!!!! also, this is my 30th submision!!! i never thinked when i started that i would be on 30 submisions ;D.

EDIT: in the next comming days ill try to back on serius animations and do some test and upload it to this post ;) the spam movies is not the only thing that i want to do.

EDIT: the spam movie got the 5th daily place!!! im so happy!!!! and lucky, dont u?

EDIT: has i said, back to serious animation again, i did this small test ...oh and... someone knows how to put the text linked? i still dont understand at all the actual post design of NG.


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2014-05-11 07:55:29

This will need a special spam episode where all spammers unite to kill Hank, hue hue hue!

juanford66 responds:

probably on the final episodie i could do dat, is not a bad idea.


2014-05-11 07:57:52

When will Hanks reign of terror end?!


2014-05-11 09:53:55

Maybe he makes a team with randomes?


2014-05-11 11:52:44

yay cood!!!!!!!

(Updated ) juanford66 responds:

u kno rite???!1!


2014-05-11 12:11:51

DIZ IZ ZU AWZMMM SPM SERIZ, EVN BTTR dn Do xxx18+69fag unD ephk rndmz i vot 6/5

juanford66 responds:



2014-05-11 14:21:59

Looks like this is the beginning of a great spam series :D

juanford66 responds:

i hope so ;)


2014-05-15 11:05:38

Sorry, Stop Making Spam plz.
End of story.

juanford66 responds:

who said???: only you can make them
im very confused dud


2014-05-20 12:49:39

To link things with a alternate text. Write whatever you want the alternate text to be in the news post. now select that an hit link. Paste your link where is says to.

Simple as that :)

juanford66 responds:



2014-05-22 07:36:00

No let this be the last one. I don`t want community that what is left doing my unfinished spam shit.

juanford66 responds:

i might finish the saga, i mean make the two other parts, but ill make it afther MD2014 or something ya kno, to dont make a lot of him and dont make it so repetitive. i was planed weeks ago to be that the last saga of all spam becus i mised to make or finish others... but... i dunno, if u really want it... its a shame dud... what do u say?


2014-05-22 08:07:55

No let this be last plz. Cuz madness is becoming spam for no reason so let`s end this for now.

juanford66 responds:

hmmmm... i miss u dud, come bak D: i hav excelent ideas that i could want to use in dat parts wit u...


2014-05-22 08:15:04

Don't make me get fucked up or shit XD, But can I have the sprites your using? They seem cool, I want to edit them a bit and they look more modern

juanford66 responds:

hmmm yeh... why not


2014-05-24 05:24:42

I`ll Be Back at September if i Regain my skills again...

(Updated ) juanford66 responds:

are you sure? because thats was exactly the date that i was thinking to start to work on da 2nd part of that spam saga... if it is true, i cant wait >:D

PD: aniways ill dont make only that, i started on a serious project few days ago, working or at least we are trying gibb and me to make a dual project, and Extermination 4 will start soon ;) i understand that u said, madness is not only spam i kno, but sometimes i like to make these style of animation.


2014-05-24 16:40:04

Ask pizzagod if he would approve next episode

juanford66 responds:

i dunno, if u check his review seems he doesnt like it, he did a post too, but afther 1 day he changed his post saying: YEEEEE IM ON A SPAM!!!!! dats a bit... watever ill ask him.