SPAM animations are back

2014-03-27 05:40:50 by juanford66

5 moths afther the last one(Epic Randomes 3) here is moar spam, my new movie: touch my Coffeeh! in honor to GabrielBarsch and his favorite drink xD.

Also... Cethic and me are making the story line of a new spam series like xxxx1234 spam adventures or Epic Randomes, we will need one or more animators to participate on this saga, that will be colaborative like the 2013 series. so if you are good enough and u wanna be on dis, dont forget send me a pm, a comment or talk with me for skype.

oh... and, spam collab is canceled... but dont worry, if u are a member of this canceled collab, you can use it for my definitive collab: Madness Extermination Collab 4, will be like the last year, ill start to host it on 1st of June, and the release date will be MD2014.


EDIT: wat the...? xDDD


PerryPetter167 sent 2 hours ago:

Pls PM me if you have any collab..i wanna join T-T



PerryPetter167 sent 2 hours ago:

Give me your sound pack pls....sound like when then grunt being shot and it has scream sound..

PM me when you got it...


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2014-03-27 07:32:22

:\ I didn't think it was spam... more like a shrapnel tenderized rump roast, than pink slime.

(Updated ) juanford66 responds:

well, thats why the tag its action, and not spam, its like simple animation with few layers, i make it more for fun, i didnt wanted to be a serius one.


2014-03-28 10:36:49

man .. Cethic's part was really nice :( i mean yeah it got few dicks but isn't it a spam animation ?
also the animation was so smooth and it's clearly that he spent a lot of time and work doing it :\
i really hope you'll change your mind and put it in , good luck

(Updated ) juanford66 responds:

i talked to him and ill finally work with him, so dont worry


2014-03-28 11:39:17

Y haz skype? Oh teh sh1040t!!one!one1

juanford66 responds:



2014-03-28 13:56:10

Now i will join the spam collab

juanford66 responds:

its not spam collab, its like a spam series like xxxx1234 or epic randomes, it will have a story line and dat. but would be nice to have you here :)


2014-03-28 17:26:44

then nevermind

juanford66 responds:

lol, but i saw your comments on cethic's post, was a joke?


2014-04-14 09:32:59

Okay,first thing....STOP Insulting me...Pls...

juanford66 responds:

i didnt insult u


2014-04-15 15:33:43


juanford66 responds:

you are crap fgt


2014-04-15 15:53:00

fgt is U