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Entry #103

1 month.

1 month ago by juanford66
Updated 3 weeks ago

1 month gentlemens, 1 month, Madness Day its here, i really cant wait to see all the movies that will be released on 22nd of september. also i must show you the collab progress, it had a lot since the last post i made about it ;)


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6 days ago

This is the extermination 4 collab right? A lot of the names don't seem the same as the ones that Gabe showed me...

6 days ago juanford66 responds:

yeh it is, gabriel put more people that i dunno, i kno there is ellvis, dimb, and delamortes... this is not updated actually.


7 days ago

Btw, I have finished my two parts for this collab. Thought I should clarify this.

6 days ago juanford66 responds:



8 days ago

Good luck bros ^^ Rock it!

8 days ago juanford66 responds:



3 weeks ago

how can i participate, i really want to it, just i need some skill but i think a got a lot of good thing.
And juan you should make tutorial for madness :D

3 weeks ago juanford66 responds:

hm not good, i need to improve.. about tutorials, im not interested to make it for the moment.


1 month ago

Better hurry up people =P

1 month ago juanford66 responds:



1 month ago

Could Krinkles be the secret member? I don't think he's ever done a collab before. How's Gabriel doing with his contribution?

1 month ago juanford66 responds:

very nice, he is doing a great work, he added more and good members and the collab is gettin bigger and bigger, we hope do a great collab for this year. about the secret member, it isnt krinkels, he never joined on a collab, its a secret... on MD u will kno.